1. A Letter from The President regarding COVID-19

                                                                Nicole Bellow SR. HR CONSULTANT To Our Clients, Prospects, and Partners,  We are committed to being a resource to you while navigating through the effects of the pandemic, COVID-19. P…Read More

  2. Avoid These Shady Ways of Holding Onto your Employees

    Do you ever stop for a second to consider the consequences of your staff deciding to leave your business?   You’ve put mass amounts of time, effort, and money into finding and recruiting the very best people, so it would make great sense to think about how you can continue to make a return on yo…Read More

  3. Are You A “Great Manager”?

    Being a great manager doesn’t happen overnight, it comes with grown, learning and developing the experience. Becoming a great manager requires honest self-evaluations and occasional reassessments of your management style. The following checklist is designed to guide you in that evaluation. Use it …Read More

  4. Why Don’t Your Employees Trust You?

    Trust is a funny old issue. It’s hard to describe, and it’s arguably not very measurable. Those who are skeptical of the Human Resource profession might say that it’s exactly the type of thing that we’re known for dealing with. In other words, all fluff and no substance!   Jokes aside thou…Read More

  5. Five Ways to Create an Environment that Keeps Millennials Engaged

    It's the topic every human resource manager has heard repeatedly: millennials are the future of the workforce. Research from Gallup found that millennials are the generation most likely to switch jobs 60% of one survey's respondents are open to new job opportunities and they’re the least e…Read More

  6. How to Get Yourself Out of An HR Pickle  

    In an ideal world, we’d never have to worry about solving other people's issues within our businesses. We’d have perfectly crafted policies, a highly skilled management team, and an engaged workforce with employees who are passionate about helping our operations to reach their full pot…Read More

  7. Four Steps to Effective Safety Meetings

    When it comes to workplace safety, there is no better time to promote new ideas or reinforce safe working habits than in a safety meeting. However, we often see small business owners asking how to make their safety meetings more effective. It’s important that owners, managers, and employees don’…Read More

  8. 7 Rules of Management

    When it comes to managing people it is important to have great communication, leadership and being a good delegator. There are also a few other rules that should be taken into count when it comes to management. Check out these 7 rules of management that can help you enhance your management style. H…Read More