Nicole Bellow


To Our Clients, Prospects, and Partners, 

We are committed to being a resource to you while navigating through the effects of the pandemic, COVID-19. Please be sure to follow the recommendations from the CDC and do your best to refrain from large crowds, exercise good hygiene, and use your best judgment when exposing yourself to others who may be sick or those with compromised immune systems that you could unknowingly infect. If leaving your home is not an absolute necessity, please refrain from doing so over the next two weeks.  However, if you know an elderly person who may need assistance with food, errands, medication, etc., please reach out to them because this population is at a greater risk for COVID-19 to cause serious harm to their health. 

During this time of uncertainty and lost income for most businesses, especially small businesses, meeting payroll related requirements and other overhead expenses may be a challenge. The SBA is offering webinars that contain helpful information regarding near-term and future financial assistance to those who qualify, even if the business is less than two years old. There are bridge loans available for those businesses who qualify while waiting on Texas’ determination for Economic Income Disaster Loans (EIDL).  

Our goal is to be a resource for business owners, managers, and individuals. When we receive reliable information, we will continue to share it on our social media outlets. In addition, we are offering FREE 15-minute consultations that may be used to help deal with a current issue (i.e. flexible work schedules, telecommuting policies, shared-work policies, or to discuss alternatives to layoffs) during this time of uncertainty. Also, until March 31, 2020, we are offering the following 12 e-training titles that may enhance you or your employee’s skill set.  These classes may be used to help your employees, who may be working from home, stay connected and motivated.   

We are stronger together and we all bring unique talents to our community and we want to do our part to serve others.  

If you would like to schedule a consultation, request a course, or connect with us on social media, please do – we would love to hear from you. To schedule a consultation, go to www. 

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Please stay safe! 

We can connect you with our local, state and federal officials. We can let them know what you need and advocate for you. Please let us know what you need or what questions you have at this time. 


Nicole Bellow, *DBA, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP                  

President & Sr. HR Consultant