In our most recent blog, we discussed three very good reasons you should hire professional HR recruiting agents in Houston. First of all, doing so prevents you from seeing the resumes that come in from people who are very underqualified, those that never should have been sent in in the first place. Second, hiring HR recruiters isn’t just preventing you from having to deal with so many bad resumes, but it’s also saving your HR people time not having to vet them. Plus, since we do this every day, we get very good at reading people; we can spot liars and frauds more easily than most people.

As it turns out, those aren’t the only three reasons to hire an HR recruiter. Today we’re going to take a look at three more reasons to contact us.

You Might Not Know Exactly What Your Employee Does

No offense, but there’s a point that all businesses eventually reach where it’s impossible for the founder — or even HR themselves — to know what every employee does. Does that sound strange? Consider this: let’s say that a marketing company keeps growing and growing. The founder will know exactly what the second marketer does, and they’ll have a pretty good understanding of what the next few hires, such as graphic artists and receptionists, do. But at some point, the marketing company is going to have to hire someone to handle the tech for the increasing number of computers. The chances that a founder will make the right hire gets worse and worse as the company expands.

As professional human resources recruiting agents, we have a wide knowledge of many job fields. We can make sure to offer you a pool of candidates that are actually qualified based on the parameters you give us. Because Smarter HR Solutions has more than one recruiter, our knowledge of these fields is exponentially higher than if you try to do it on your own.

We Have A Pool Of Applicants

We’re not just in the market of helping businesses find employees, but also helping people find a company in which they’ll fit best. We have an excellent pool of applicants and know their skills. If we have someone on hand who would be an excellent candidate, we can submit them to you along with the resumes you’ve been getting via other channels.

You’ll Still Get To Make The Final Decision

There’s a sticking point that prevents many businesses from contacting professional HR recruiting agents: they want to retain control. They don’t want to walk in one day and find a new employee in the office, one they’ve never met before and whom they might not get along with.

We’re happy to say that it doesn’t work like that. When it comes to HR recruiting, you’ll still get to make the final decision. But you’ll get to make the final decision from among the most qualified candidates. Instead of going through 200 resumes, you’ll only have to look at 10. Instead of doing 30 interviews, you only have to do four. You still get to make the decision of who you’ll be working with.

Let’s Get The Process Started

If you’re looking to fill positions in the Houston area, we’re ready to make the process considerably easier. Contact Smart HR Solutions today!