Not every company needs an in-house human resources department, or even a full-time HR employee. But every business does need the expertise of an HR advisor in order to make sure that the company is well-staff and able to stay at the forefront of the law.

In this series of blogs, Smarter HR Solutions is going to take a look at the many reasons that a company might hire a human resources consulting firm. HR consultants can help with safety, compliance, and harassment training that every business needs to address. Remote HR support can also take care of hiring, payroll, and benefits. Read on to learn more about how HR outsourcing can help your business.

  1. How to Get Yourself Out of An HR Pickle  

    In an ideal world, we’d never have to worry about solving other people's issues within our businesses. We’d have perfectly crafted policies, a highly skilled management team, and an engaged workforce with employees who are passionate about helping our operations to reach their full pot…Read More