Are ringing phones and administrative tasks hindering you from growing your business? Smarter HR Solutions offers reliable phone answering, HR support, and administrative services for your business. For businesses in the market for a dependable and comprehensive answering service and administrative support provider, Smarter HR Solutions has you covered.

  • Professional Image for Your Virtual Office
  • Live Receptionists Answering Calls and Greeting Customers
  • Low Overhead Cost for Entrepreneurs and Growing Businesses
  • Human Resources (HR) Support Services
  • Administrative Support and Temporary Staff as Needed
  • Ability to Test Different Markets with Minimal Costs

Virtual Staffing

Need HR support but not on a regular basis? Or maybe you don’t have additional space to add another team member? A Virtual Assistant may be your answer!

A Virtual Assistant works remotely to complete your projects, assignments, or back office duties without the overhead cost of hiring a traditional employee. Our Virtual Assistants are experienced in general office administration, human resources, bookkeeping, and accounting. If you think this solution will be an option for you, please contact us!

Back Office Support

If you are a new business and have selected a candidate for your open position but do not have the back-office support to administering payroll, benefits, or on-boarding, allow us to assist you.  Smarter HR Solutions can provide the back office support you need by handling your payroll outsourcing and benefits selection.

Employee Benefits

Benefits administration is not only seeing to the welfare of the employee, but also the well-being of the company.

Smarter HR Solutions specialists are constantly researching the market for new options for benefit programs that are a good fit for employees and will not place undue pressure on the company. There is a distinct correlation between benefits options and employee loyalty, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Smarter HR Solutions’ benefits administration services take a proactive approach to be available to both the employee and the company for health insurance coverage, investment, and retirement programs.

We can help with:

  • PPO and POS plans
  • Dental, Vision, and Prescription plans
  • Managed Costs
  • Claims Management
  • 401(k) Administration
  • Life/AD&D Plans
  • Section 125 Cafeteria Plans
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangements
  • Flexible Spending Accounts Administration
  • Employee Perks

Unsure of what HR solutions would be best suited for your company? Outsourcing HR for benefits might be right for you. Request an Organization HR Needs Assessment. An HR specialist will contact you with options specifically tailored for your organization.

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