Sorry, employers, but a new ruling by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals will make it darn near impossible — if adopted by other circuits — to keep a worker’s claims of unfair pay from going to trial.

Some needed background info before we explain the ruling.

Jeffrey Moran was a mechanic at an auto repair shop owned and operated by a group we’ll refer to as “the defendants” (Al Basit LLC, Al Ghani LLC, Zain Syed and Zohaib Syed).

In his FLSA lawsuit, Moran claims that he and the defendants agreed that Moran would work 30 hours per week for $300 per week, plus “bonus type profit sharing.”

But Moran claimed he actually worked an average of 65-68 hours per week for the duration of his employment while still only being paid $300 — except for a few occasions when he was paid “a little extra” money.

As a result, he sued for unpaid overtime under the FLSA.

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Nicole Bellow

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