The market is an ever changing element and sometimes businesses need to reorganize or restructure to stay viable. You may find it necessary to lay-off existing staff.  Or as Pat Wadors, senior VP of global talent organization at LinkedIn, recently explained employers’ dilemma in a post on the Harvard Business Review blog: “In order to grow, they may have to part ways with collegial, talented employees who just aren’t the right fit anymore.”

Regardless of the circumstance, it’s always difficult to lay off valued employees. But no matter how difficult it is for you, it’s ten times harder for your employees. After all, these are people who’ve been good and loyal workers for the company.  Usually through no fault of their own, they are faced with the prospect of losing their primary source of income and entering an uncertain job market.  It’s a situation no one wants to experience, but it’s one that commonly occurs in the rollercoaster environment of business.

If you can help them with outplacement sevices, by all means do so.   “Anything you as a Manager can do to help them land on their feet will further increase the team’s trust in you as a leader and enhance the company’s overall talent brand,” says Wadors.  As a gesture of goodwill, many companies offer their laid off employees severance packages.  Although severance packages can’t completely replace the loss of a job, they do go a long way toward mitigating its effect, at least until the employee can find a position at another company.

At Smarter HR Solutions, we can offer you Outplacement Services for your displaced employees by assisting them with:

  •  Job Placement Services
  • Career Counseling
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Resume Writing
  • Networking Coaching

We can also assist you with the severance packages, Reduction in Force (RIF) letters, and WARN Counseling.    Give us a call for more information at 281-245-3370.

Nicole Bellow

References via article: Shedding good employees who just can’t keep up: A humane, sensible approach