1. Where’s “The Book”?

    Whew! Now that “hiring season” is over, it may be time to take a look at your business and the processes it may need to adopt, create or update as we look forward to the second half of 2017. May through August seems to be “slow-season” for hiring as company executives and decision makers tak…Read More

  2. Growing Means Learning to Work On Your Business Not In It (HR News)

    (original article: Forbes.com) Moving your business ahead may require that you step back … way back. In those first frantic days of making your great idea into a functioning business, you wear many hats, usually because you can’t afford to hire anyone else to take out the trash out, keep the boo…Read More

  3. The 4 Things That Keep Small-Business Owners Up At Night(HR News)

    As  a small business owner and entrepreneur, you have good reason for many of the sleepless nights. From how you will generate new sales, expenses eating into your profits, time management, managing employees, and not to mention keeping your customers happy. Here's an article with 4 biggest co…Read More

  4. Help Your Laid Off Employees With Outplacement Services

    The market is an ever changing element and sometimes businesses need to reorganize or restructure to stay viable. You may find it necessary to lay-off existing staff.  Or as Pat Wadors, senior VP of global talent organization at LinkedIn, recently explained employers’ dilemma in a post on the …Read More