1. Get out of the rut of “the way things are usually done.”

    Knowledge and experience leads to creative solutions: Get out of the rut of "the way things are usually done." Nicole Bellow, Senior Human Resources Consultant with Smarter HR Solutions, explains that by tapping into her 20-plus years of experience in human resources for large corporations, she was …Read More

  2. Help Your Laid Off Employees With Outplacement Services

    The market is an ever changing element and sometimes businesses need to reorganize or restructure to stay viable. You may find it necessary to lay-off existing staff.  Or as Pat Wadors, senior VP of global talent organization at LinkedIn, recently explained employers’ dilemma in a post on the …Read More


    For many HR professionals, corporate executives, and business owners the latest proposed changes by the Department of Labor (DOL) to the existing overtime regulations may cause some sleepless nights. The proposed regulation will detail how employees should be classified - as either exempt (salari…Read More

  4. Another female field worker harassment settlement: $3.8 million

    (original article via HRMorning.com http://bit.ly/1ixJDZd) Last week, we carried a story about a company that was forced to pay $30,000 for the alleged harassment of a female field worker. Here’s a similar tale — but the numbers are considerably larger.   Consolidated Edison Company of New Yor…Read More

  5. How Much Time Is Too Much Time With The Boss?

    (article via HRMorning.com) No doubt, strong employee-boss relationships help drive a successful business. And employees who regularly spend time with their manager benefit from strong communication, collaboration and insight. But here’s the million-dollar question:  Could employees spend too m…Read More

  6. 5 Biggest Reasons Employees Quit Jobs Quickly

    (article courtesy of www.HRMorning.com) As you know all too well, it’s hard to hold onto new employees. Thus, onboarding programs were born. The problem is, there are several reasons onboarding may not be working.  In fact, recent research by BambooHR, a software company, found that 31% of peopl…Read More

  7. Top 10 Mistakes When Giving Feedback

    (article via www.HRMorning.com) Orchestrating a great feedback session is as much about what you shouldn’t do as what you should.  According to Suzanne Lucas, the Evil HR Lady (EvilHRLady.org), giving feedback improperly is as bad as not giving feedback at all. Adding to the equation is the fact …Read More